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Quando disinstallare il QuickJump?

Our primary goal is to get your QUICKjump Free Fall Device up and running, bringing thrills and unique excitement to your facility. We want your customers to love it, to come back again and again, and to tell all their friends. But to follow the requirements set forth in the Operator Manual (and keep your warranty valid), there are times when you need to take down your device. We’re not necessarily talking about just taking your device out of service, but actual instances where you need to uninstall the device. Do you know what those scenarios are? Here’s the quick list:

  • Recertification: Every Head Rush device requires annual recertification. This means that every year, regardless of how much it was used, your device must be sent to an Authorized Service Center. Since you have to physically send the device in for recertification, you must uninstall your device from its location, pack it in approved Head Rush packaging, and ship it to the regional Service Center. Check the sticker on your device for the recertification due date. To learn more about the recertification, visit our recertification store page.quickJump Free Fall Device

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